The Cultural Considerations Of Using Black In Your Web Designs

These days, the internet is an entity that can be accessed almost all over the world; a web design that is created here in Australia can be viewed by users in countries as far away as England and as close as Indonesia. This diversity has made colour considerations more important than ever before – how do other cultures view the colour black, for example?Middle EastIn the countries that make up the Middle East, black actually has some very contrasting associates. It is used to represent both rebirth and mourning, for example. The ideas of evil and mystery are also linked closely with the colour.

South AmericaThese cultures associate the colour black with themes of masculinity and, as such, is actually the colour of choice for most men’s clothing. It is also has correlations with mourning.Eastern and AsianPeople in these countries believe that the colour black represents masculinity, but it is also commonly used in web design to evoke ideas of wealth, health and prosperity.Western (Australia, North America and Europe)In these cultures, black is seen as being the colour of death and of finality, formality and mourning. In some cases, black is used to represent power and strength; it is often used to imply a sense of control and even force.

As you can see, there are a number of different connotations associated with the colour black, but there is certainly a theme that carries on throughout most of the cultures of the world – black is, generally, a bad colour.When used in web design, you must think carefully about the kind of image you are trying to project and ask yourself whether black achieves this.